Writing PTE


Summarize Written Text                                                            (10-20 Minutes)

Write Essay ( 20 Minutes)

Understand the Topic


The writing is the second part in the speaking module. It does not have separate section .Once you are done with speaking, clicking on he next button will ask to start the writing test.

The Writing test assesses our writing skills in terms of how good you are in grammar, framing sentences and sticking to the topic given. you are judged solely on your writing.


Summarize Written Text

  • You need to Summarize the Passage in one Sentence.
  • Prompt Length is 300 Words.
  • There will be 1-2 Items.
  • Time to Answer is 10 Minutes.
  • Scoring....Partial Credits
  • Skills assessed Reading, Writing.

Write Essay

  • Time to Answer is 20 Minutes.
  • Word Count is between 200-300 Words.
  • Scoring Partial Credits.
  • Skills assessed Writing