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Tourist Visitor Visa Consultant in Chandigarh: If you’re looking to travel overseas, the first thing you’ll need is a proper visa. Don’t let this trigger your dream to die. Hurry up and get in touch with us to get the assistance of our Experienced Tourist Visitor Visa Consultant. We will make the transition simpler for you, so that you can achieve your dream. Auscanz Overseas Education Pvt. Ltd. supports you in any area, such as transport and settlement.

Fulfilling the vision Travel abroad comes with a lot of difficult things that need to be taken care of. Tourist/Visitors should be alert to all of these aspects for the smooth operation of the entire project. A Tourist/Visitor Visa has some conditions that tourists need to be mindful of while traveling abroad.
This is the moment you need a travel specialist to assist you with a visa consultation. Our qualified and competent Tourist/Visit Visa Experts will ensure that you do not face any complications or concerns in the visa approval process. Auscanz Overseas Education Pvt. Ltd consultants play a vital role by presenting you with the right approach and taking the action you need to get a Tourist/Visitors Visa accepted.

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Auscanz Overseas Education Pvt. Ltd Immigration is offering Canada Visa Services in Chandigarh. We’re providing Canada with the best Tourist Visa Specialist in Chandigarh to get you an immigration solution suited to your needs. Our Visa Agents in Chandigarh have simple and realistic solutions to apply for Canada Tourist Visa The land of many lives, Canada is one of the most geographically and culturally diverse countries in the world.


We provide a team of qualified and knowledgeable visa officers for Canada in Chandigarh who understand the complicated visa process and provide you with the extensive documentation needed to complete the application form, which requires all documentation such as proof of identification, Proof of Residency and Passport to Apply for a Visa.

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We, Auscanz Overseas Education Pvt. Ltd, are the Top Tourist/Visitor Visa Consultants in Chandigarh, who handle student visas, dependent or spouse visas, as well as tourist visas for Canada, Australia, USA, UK, Europe , Dubai and New Zealand, etc. Auscanz Overseas Education Pvt. Ltd Chandigarh is the Largest Tourist/Visitor Visa Consultant in Chandigarh offering an outlet for burning and competent customers. We have different sightseers, life mates, just as student visa clients have successfully settled around different international destinations. Our Visa Counselors will offer the necessary assistance and sufficient assistance on visa requirements and procedures at all workplaces in Chandigarh.

Our fundamental argument is to take a long time for under-studies and individuals who plan to go to every nation on a traveler’s visa to work in sufficient direction and compatibility. Our business is made up of confidence, as our primary aim is to lead all administrations to the approval of visas to customers from the outset.

All the needs and requirements of our clients are well-equipped and watered down by us to ensure steady advancement towards their preferred target. The entire process is carried out under one roof and the customers would not have to run to a significant degree to complete their specifications.
We feel that the visa application forms are complicated which time-consuming, and now and then may be frustrating and uncomfortable, but we are here to provide effortless answers to any problem you might have been through. The smooth transition from harshness to consistent waters is our primary aphorism and point.

How many Countries can I travel to from India if I happen to have a Tourist Visa?

If you have a Tourist Visa there are 18 Countries that offer Visa arrival services for the Indians in the year 2022. Thailand, Mauritius, Indonesia, Nepal, Maldives, Bhutan, Seychelles, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Fiji, Turkey, Macau, Cambodia, Jordan, Laos, and Ivory Coast are the 18 countries that offer Visa on arrival services presently to Indians.

How do I get a Tourist | Visitor Visa?

To describe the process in easy steps one has to complete the Visa Application, pay the Visa fee to take an appointment for the interview and submit the required documents and have a passport with valid validity for at least that many months required beyond your stay in the country.

What happens if I stay longer in a Country than mentioned in my Tourist Visa?

To put it in simple words, if you overstay at a place beyond the Tourist Visa date, it can lead to fines or even imprisonment or banishment from entering the country again. So it is always advisable to return to your country before or on the exact date mentioned in your visa unless met with extraordinary conditions