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Around 30% of European university students are from nations outside of Europe. The growing trend in completing higher education from Schengen countries has created a demand for the top research visa experts. International students find studying in Europe to be a thrilling experience. Studying abroad piques your interest in academic subjects and helps you to adjust to a world of people who speak a range of dialects and speak a variety of languages. Because European countries have such a rich past, students will be able to appreciate and enjoy higher education even more.


  • High-quality academics and a flexible curriculum on a beautiful and historic island for a year or longer.
  • All-inclusive costs and a great deal on the program.
  • A thriving tourism and hotel industry.
  • Internships in the hotel and tourism industry that are paid.
  • Low tuition fees and degrees that are accepted all around the world.
  • No formal English language tests are required.
  • There are no requirements for sponsors.
  • There are no requirements for bank statements.
  • Simple Procedure
  • The Visa Ratio is the highest.


To be admitted to the INTERNAPA COLLEGE for undergraduate level or Bachelors level, students must have completed a secondary level education or the equivalent of twelve years of schooling; similarly, students must have completed an undergraduate level education or Bachelor’s level education to be admitted to the postgraduate level.



  • • Spring • Summer • Fall • Session
  • REQUIREMENT FOR ENGLISH You can apply with or without IELTS.
  • FEES STRUCTURE: Depending on the programme and university, fees range from 3000 to 4000 Euros per year.
  • COST OF LIVING - The cost of living off-campus for a year is usually between € 3,000 and € 5,000.

Study in Europe

  • You will get all of the skills you need for the Global Economy if you Europe Study Visa.
  • At a European university, you can study and learn with students from all over the world, acquire a new language, and gain independence.
  • You have the option of learning in English or totally immersing yourself in a foreign culture and language. From the Arctic Circle to the African coast, you can travel through a really diverse and cosmopolitan territory with a long academic heritage.
  • For obtaining a visa, the student must complete the following procedures, and all of the following documents must have APOSTILLE certification from the MINISTRY OF EXTERNAL AFFAIRS
  • An authenticated copy of the IELTS, Secondary, and High School Certificates, as well as the associated Mark Sheets.
  • A clear authenticated copy of a passport that is valid for at least two years from the date of the application’s start date.
  • An original bank certificate or letter that has been attested and is valid for at least 6 months (a relationship certificate (affidavit) is necessary unless the sponsor is a first-degree relative.)
  • Bank Statement – for a month, the sum of Euro 7000 should be shown in the (sponsor’s account) This should be a month before the deadline.
  • An original Police Certificate that has been attested and is valid for at least 6 months.
  • Attested original medical certificate from any MBBS doctor – original Hepatitis B blood analysis certificate & C, HIV, Syphilis, and X-rays of the chest. This must be valid for a maximum of four months.

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Colleges and universities in Europe:

One of the reasons students can get with the ‘why study abroad is that the programs are run by highly qualified academic staff, the classrooms are small, and each student receives individual attention. Students studying medicine get their degree in less time than students in the United States or elsewhere.

The Cheaper Overall Cost of Education, including tuition, fees, and room and board, is one of the USPs. Suppose a student’s visa is denied in a federal country such as Australia, New Zealand, Canada, or the United Kingdom. In that case, the student can simply travel to a Schengen country such as Poland, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Turkey, or Portugal. Schengen consists of approximately 26 nations, and the fees are extremely inexpensive.