Speaking PTE


The First Part of the Test will Evaluate your Speaking and Writing Skills. You will get 54-67 Minutes to Complete it.

Your Speaking proficiency will be judged by 5 different categories .The Speaking section begins with personal introduction, you have to give your introduction, but this part of the test is not assessed.


-> Read Aloud

You need to Read aloud the text, which will appear on your Screen. Its prompt length is about 60 words. This Section contains 6-7 items. You are assessed on both Reading and Writing Skills.

-> Repeat Sentence

In this Section, after Listening to the sentence played, candidate need to repeat it. Its prompt length is 3-9 Seconds and it contains 10-12 Sentences. You are assessed on both Listening and Speaking.

-> Describe Image

You need to describe an image that is displayed. You   will get 25 Seconds to prepare and 40 Seconds to answer the image. There are Total 6-7 Images. You are assessed on Speaking only.

-> Re-Tell Lecture

In the Re-Tell Lecture Task, you will see   the audio recorder box. Next to it, there   will be a image that relates to what you will hear after 10 seconds   you have to summarize what you heard in the lecture in your own Words. Your   Listening and Speaking Skills are Assessed.


In his part a Short Question is asked and the candidate has to respond by giving one-two Word Answers. There are 10 Questions. Each is of one mark.

There are Strategies for each Section, you can use them to maximize your Score. You need is to make it sure that you can interact effectively in English. Speaking involves your Pronunciation, intonation, Rate of Speech (ROS) and Pauses.