Apply and Grab the Golden Opportunity.

Do you have knowledge of the Immigration process? Do you wish to be part of the ‘visa experts’ team and help people achieve their dream of settling or visiting abroad to their dream place? Do you think you have what it takes to be a part of such a professional team? If yes, we have the following job openings presently at Auscanz Overseas Education Pvt. Ltd.

Marketing Team

Marketing Manager

If you take up the role of Marketing Manager, that means you shall be looking after the brand as a whole; working towards increasing the awareness for the brand, looking after the advertising the promotional campaigns, the social media accounts, managing the budget for the marketing department and overseeing the work for the brand as a whole.

Anchor Carrer


If you are applying for the post of anchor, you shall be required to present the information about our company, our services, the immigration process, and all different things related to it. You shall be required to present the information for the video to the audience in a neat, interesting, unbiased, and informative way. You shall be editing the content of the video in your own way if required to make the script of the video easy-going and catchy to increase the audience engagement.

PR Discussion

PR Counselor

Being a PR counselor at our agency will mean that you will be required to have good communication skills and can effectively counsel the clients for the PR visa in Canada and Australia. You will be required to create an intended image for the company that makes clients come to take a service for PR visa in Canada and Australia. You will have to come out with an all-encompassing informative and counseling plan so that you can effectively plan for getting your clients that PR visa.

Fullfill Queries

Visa Counselor

If you are looking to apply toto the role of counselor, you will be dealing with study, tourist, work and travel .visas So you need to be knowledgeable in the same field and should have good communication skills so that you can explain the process of acquiring these visas to the clients who come to acquire the services. Your main role will be to ensure that you assist students or other clients to get the visas and help them with any related documentation for migration and help solve all their queries.

Tele Caller


As a Telecallers in Auscanz, you shall be required to have a active communication with the ones wanting to migrate or travel abroad. You shall be presenting them with the best deal, best prospects for them so that they aquire our services. Your duty shall also include addressing our clients’ queries, uncertainties, issues, grievances, and also suggestions on time.


General Manager

As a General Manager of the company, you shall be responsible for the daily management of the company and will look towards completing the business goals and lead the team towards completing their personalized tasks. You shall also be keeping an eye on the immigration market and will effectively inform the team of the same. You are required to have overseas immigration overseas knowledge and get feedback on the customer services being offered.