Looking for the Best PR Visa Services?

If you are looking for the Best PR Visa Consultant, you have come to the right place. Auscanz Overseas Education is a one-stop solution for all things related to visas and when it comes to PR Visas, no one has expertise on it like we do given our long years of experience and an Expert Team of Visa professionals.

PR Visa, also known as a Permanent Resident Visa allows one to travel to a foreign country and stay there for a particular period.

In some countries, there is also a provision for giving the PR Visa that eventually leads to gaining citizenship in that nation.

Anybody who wishes to Travel Overseas needs to have a proper visa first. The process of getting a visa may be hefty and confusing for people, Auscanz Overseas Education offers the Best Visa Services to people seeking to apply and get a PR Visa to settle abroad.

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Auscanz Overseas Education is the Best ‘Visa Expert’ based in Chandigarh with 15 plus years of experience and with multiple branches in other cities.

We have an expert team of visa professionals that guide people from the very basic step of explaining the requirements for the PR Visa to the last step of getting them the visa. We provide free consultation services in case one has queries or doubts as to how they can Apply for their Permanent Residency visa so that they can stay and settle abroad at their dream destination.


We are the Best Visa Consultants in Chandigarh with eminent experience in our field and with around 1500+ satisfied customers. Our team always makes sure that we present the client with the most suitable approach and needed action of course so that they can have a seamless experience of the application process to get their PR hassle-free.

Different countries have different protocols when it comes to giving permanent residency to immigrants. For example, in countries like Australia or Canada, if you have obtained a PR visa for any of these nations, you can stay there for five years. After that, you have to renew it to extend your duration for another term.

However, getting a PR visa for a country will not make you a citizen of that country. You will remain a citizen of your native country but with the PR visa, you can migrate to your dream country that you wish to for a particular period allotted with the visa itself. You can renew it again if you wish to extend your stay there and can also, later on, apply for citizenship if you have fulfilled the requirements related to gaining it.

Auscanz Overseas Education is offering PR services for Canada and Australia in Chandigarh. We are specialists in providing all the assistance that one may need to have a seamless and hassle-free experience of obtaining a PR Visa and settling abroad in their dream destination.

Which Country is the Easiest to get the PR Visa of?

Canada tops the list of giving PR Visas easily followed by New Zealand, Mexico, and Australia. Getting a PR visa in Canada is easy if you submit the right documents and the whole process goes smoothly but it has to be renewed after five years.

What should I do if my PR Visa Expires?

If your PR Visa has expired that means you cannot use the visa anymore as your travel document. Therefore, before 6 months of your visa expiry, you should get ready to apply to renew your visa that expiry date of the visa is always printed on the card so you can always check that out as when the renewal of the visa is due.

Can one Lose their PR Status and How?

In Most Countries if someone commits the CGS offense as a PR they are required to leave the country permanently also a someone has not visited the country for a minimum amount of days required during the given validity of the PR like if one has not been in Canada for minimum 730 days during the past 5 years, they may lose their PR status of Canada.