Speaking Module


Time:- 10-15 Minutes                                                                      No of Tasks….. 03

  • Task 1....   Introduction
  • Task 2....  Cue card
  • Task 3....  Follow up Questions.

Tips to Crack Speaking !!!

-> Relax and smile as you walk into the room

-> Don’t be formal. It’s a test of natural conversational English, not formal Academic English.

-> Most questions are about you, so talk about your own life and experience

-> Some questions are Yes/No Questions. e.g. Do you like your Hometown?
Never answer in Yes or No. You need to expand your answer.

Latest Speaking Topics :-

  • Describe a Time when you get a Positive Feedback for work that you did
  • Describe something Special you lost
  • Describe an introvert person you know
  • Talk about a Traditional item from your Country
  • Talk about a time when you had to wait for Something Special
  • Talk about a house or an Apartment you would like to live in the Future
  • Talk about a Book that you Enjoyed Reading
  • Talk about a Cake you received on a Special Occasion
  • Talk about an Important River or lake in your Country
  • Describe a Positive Change in your life
  • Describe a Plant, Vegetable or Crop that you are Familiar with
  • Describe a Competition you would Like to take Part in
  • Describe an Activity you do to keep Fit
  • Describe a Quiet place you like to Spend your time in
  • Talk about a Time when you helped Someone

Important Cue Cards for (July-August)

  • Talk about a time when you saved Some Money on an item you Purchased.
  • Talk about a Skill that you learned from an Old Person you know
  • Talk about a Toy you Enjoyed Playing with as a Child.
  • Describe about a time when you were very Busy.
  • Talk about something in your home that was broken and then repaired.
  • Talk about a Quiet Place that you like.
  • Talk about a time when you visited a New Place.
  • Talk about the longest walk you have ever taken.
  • Talk about a Book you Read and found exciting.
  • Talk about a topic that you recently discussed with a friend of yours.
  • Talk about a time when you helped a child.
  • Describe a Fishing Area that you visited once.
  • Talk about a Traditional item from your Country.
  • Describe a gift that you would like to give to a friend.
  • Talk about something that you learnt.