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A Spouse Visa, also referred to as a Marriage Visa, enables married spouses of people of the immigrant country to immigrate to that country because they are married to someone who is settled in that country, who is a person who is usually resident in that country and has no immigration limits on how long they can stay there.

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You must meet the Following Conditions to be Eligible for a Spousal Visa:

  • First of all, to the exclusion of all others, you and your partner have a duty to a common life as a husband and a wife, whether or not you are legally married.
    Your relationship is genuine and continuing.
  • You and your family live together or, on a permanent basis, don’t live separately and apart.
  • You must have been in a spousal relationship for the last 12 months, unless you are legally married, which typically includes demonstrating that you have lived together during this time.
  • In general, you both need to be 18 years of age or older.
  • You must pass the criteria for health and character.

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Can one be allowed to work in a foreign land if they have a Spousal Visa?

This actually depends from country to country and it is essential to check the arrangements and the conditions attached to a Spouse Visa in that country. For example countries like the UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, etc allow the spouses of partners to work. The USA only allows married Spouses to work while Japan, Singapore, and Malaysia don’t grant open complete permission to work.

Can someone avail Spousal Visa on a Student Visa?

If you have a Spouse who is an International Student then as the dependent, you can apply for the Spouse Visa application and so you will be given the residence permit which shall have the same validity as the duration of the study program of your Spouse as an International Student.

Can Spousal Visas also get Rejected and how?

Yes, Spousal Visas can also get Denied. The main reasons for getting a spousal visa denied can be fraudulent evidence or the lack of evidence to prove the spousal relationship. Also if there are any mistakes within the form or if they have not been signed and other reasons for getting rejected can be the legal obstacles, for example, if the divorce process from the previous marriage is still not legally complete.