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The International English Language Testing System, or IELTS speaking test, estimates the ability of an applicant to speak or communicate in English. IELTS is vital for students planning to study abroad. Trained and certified IELTS examiners conduct IELTS Speaking tests. When estimating your performance, they work with clearly defined benchmarks to assess your Speaking test.

Examiners Evaluate Candidates' Performance against four Criteria.

  • Fluency and Coherence
  • Lexical Resource
  • Grammatical Range and Accuracy
  • Pronunciation

Candidates Speaking results are given as band scores, encircled from a band 0 to a band 9. Each whole and half band score reaches a level of English-language competence.

The scores are given based on the English speaking skills of a candidate. A face-to-face formal discussion or interaction is conducted between the candidate and the IELTS examiner during the test. A good band score is necessary to fulfill the eligibility benchmarks set by organizations, countries, and educational institutions. Candidates need to understand the format of the IELTS speaking section and the marking method to perform better. The band score counts on various factors, and it is essential to understand them properly to get a good score.

IELTS Speaking Band Score Calculation

The IELTS Speaking Band Score varies from a scale of zero to nine. Scoring a band 8 means a candidate has an outstanding command of English. The performance in the speaking section measures a score based on four criteria -fluency and coherence, lexical resources, grammatical range and accuracy, and pronunciation, and each of the criteria is weighted equally.

If a Candidate acquires a Band Score of 6.1, it is rounded off to 6 bands. Moreover, there is no minus marking for the speaking section of IELTS. The IELTS Speaking Examiners are Qualified and Certified, so they carefully assess the candidates on the four eligibility measures and award the right band.

Listed below are the IELTS Speaking Scoring Benchmarks based on which candidates are marked:

Fluency and Coherence (FC)

  • The command to Speak fluently, without repeating, taking breaks, and having the know-how to self-correct.
  • Know the usage of the Correct Phrases, Terminology, Words, and Grammar
  • Speak Coherently with the Right, Strong, Cohesive Elements.
  • Have a good knowledge of the topic you have to Speak on.

Lexical Resource (LR)

  • Make Proper Use of Collocation
  • Use an Assorted Range of Words
  • Avoid making Blunders
  • Know how to Rephrase Words
  • Use Less Common Wording

Grammar Range and Accuracy (GR)

  • Sentences should be Well-Framed
  • Word Flow and Sentence Structure should be accurate
  • Tenses must be used in the Correct Way
  • Answers should be Grammatically Accurate

Pronunciation (P)

  • Use Annotation
  • Correct diction of a word
  • Ability to be
  • Comprehended throughout the Test

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Speaking Test

Speaking Test


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