Auscanz Overseas Education are exceptionally capable assorted visa advisors that have remarkable information on a wide range of visa issues. Auscanz Overseas Education Pvt. Ltd. is your ‘Visa Expert’ in short that furnishes you with the Best Services Like – Study/Tourist/Spouse/ PR/Business Visas and Guarantees you a Simple, Hassle-Free, and an Excellent Migration/visiting experience to your fantasy objective.

Free  Consultation

Being visa experts and working in the field for so long, we do realize the fact that Initially, everyone has queries regarding applying for visas, the application process, and the immigration process in general. Especially for students who will be moving to a new place and will have a new life abroad, they get worried regarding the whole process of immigration. So we provide our services to assist them during the initial step which is to know about how the immigration process works. We offer free consultation services so that people can get answers to their queries and they can be assured before they apply for their Visas.

Application Processing

For 17 years, Auscanz Educational has been providing eminent services when it comes to issuing the best study/tourist/spouse/ PR/business visas.

Since applying for your visa and going through the application process shall be new to you, Auscanz assists you in each step of the way so that the whole process becomes hassle-free for you. All your documentation and the submission process will be supported by Auscanz Overseas Education Pvt. Ltd.

We shall prepare and file a perfect submission for you. We also communicate with the center to get the immigrant permits and we help you prepare for the interviews wherever required. We also manage and communicate with the sorting center before your visa gets issued.

We shall also help you if you face any visa problems. That means that we shall make sure that you have the perfect submission so that you don’t have to face visa rejection and don’t have to wait for too long to get your visa.


Pre and Post Landing Services

As much Assistance is required during the Documentation process for Acquiring the Visa, we help with Services for the Post-Landing in the Dream Country as well.


We manage the through Evaluation of the Training, Technical Skills/Training, and job experience of the Applicant for Permanent Residency in the country chosen.

We then identify and review all the supporting documentation needed for submission and send the complete case to the processing Visa Office along with the Auscanz Educationals submission report.

We handle all communications with the processing Visa Office for the client’s case and intimate them about conditions sent by the office during the case’s development and give advice at different stages when necessary to help them keep the file up to date.

We help clients with interviews by training through different counseling sessions, both at the level of the branch & the head office, and track the situation in the press to ensure the client receives timely visa insurance.


We Have Been Counselling Students For Educational Opportunities In Foreign Countries

Fully Packaged Travel Assistance

Oscars offers the best services when it comes to assisting someone to explore or settle their dream destinations with us you can be assured that you are vacation bookings or hotel reservations or air ticketing requirements will all be taken care of.

We always keep up to date with the air travel market and analyze when it is the best time for our clients to travel to their destination for immigration we also have partnerships with multiple reputed insurance providers and so we are able to get excellent rates for travel and health insurance for our clients.

Auscanz Educational also provides its customers with Forex services through our registered Forex dealers. We give the highest deals for VPF DD, Arbitration Fund, Creditor Class deposit, and International University Tuition Fee, based on the requirements. Customers who receive their landing papers can give us their Performa (advise) air booking by email and we will ensure that air tickets are booked at low cost on the preferred airline.

Currency Exchange

When you travel or immigrate to a new place, you are required to have the currency of that place so that money transactions are hassle-free. Auscanz Overseas Education assists you to avail the currency of the place that you are going to.

We deal with more than 150 currency exchange services and make sure that you are provided with 100% genuine currencies on time with reasonable charges.

We have contacts with different Forex agencies through which we arrange funds for our clients and so we provide you with valid currency issued by the forex market.

Along with currency exchange, services like debit cards, credit cards, International Bank accounts, etc are part of the pre-landing services that Auscanz Overseas Education provides to its clients to make their travel a worth remembering experience.


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