PTE-ACADEMIC is an English Proficiency Test, is accepted by Thousands of Institutions across the Globe.

Section Wise Tips to Ace the Exam


  • Focus on oral fluency and pronunciation.
  • Avoid pauses and unnecessary fillers
  • Record yourself to improve voice clarity
  • Do not pause for more than 3 seconds. Keep on speaking.
  • Focus on understanding the sounds, rhythm and intonations.
  • Know where to pause


  • Understand the topic.
  • Plan your essay before you start typing.Exam PTE
  • Manage the time as you will get only 20 minutes.


Be precise.

Write in one sentence ( only one capital letter and one full stop is allowed)


  • Practice reading as much as you can to develop reading speed.
  • Find mistakes in noun, verb or an adjective to improve grammar skills
  • Boost your vocabulary to understand the words better.
  • Good vocabulary is very much needed to clear the PTE-A Exam.


  • Make a daily routine to listen to different TV shows, Radio Shows, podcasts to get familiar with different accent.
  • Practice taking the notes as you hear
  • Practice skimming and scanning to understand and identify the keywords.
  • To be confident, practice with microphone or headphone.